University President


SUC President III, Bohol Island State University

On behalf of the Board of Regents, University Officials, Faculty, Administrative Staff, Students and Stakeholders of this multi-campus University, thank you for taking time to browse our website!

The development of this website is intended to provide access not only to students but to all who desire to know, to communicate and link with, and to avail of the services of the University. This is our sincere effort to carry-out a universal mandate inherent in all universities – to be a channel of complementary academic, intellectual exchange.

We now live in an era where the world can be reached with just a click of a mouse, at the convenience of one’s home or office. All it takes to converse with the rest of the world is a laptop or desktop computer and a stable internet connection. Being an institution that envisions becoming a premier Science & Technology breeding ground, BISU is taking advantage of modern technology to reach the rest of the international, national and regional academic communities.

In this website, we make available information in the aspects of our four-fold functions of Instruction, Research & Development, Extension and Production. A variety of other relevant information on the University’s linkages, programs, projects and activities are likewise made available. More importantly, there are contact details provided for easy, speedy means of communication.

BISU embraces the concept of interconnectivity among educational institutions. The world has never been more global than it is today. The popular adage “no man is an Island” has never been so true, especially for higher education institutions. In the same manner, no university ought to be an island! Although the word “Island” is found in the very name of the University, this is specifically meant to emphasize the geographical and natural endowments of the tenth largest island in the country – Bohol.

It is my wish and desire that your queries, or whatever reason you may have in visiting our website, are satisfied and that the information and services you are able to access here would be able to help you in whatever way possible.


Term of Service University President Position / Designation
2022 - 2022 Dr. Maura Consolacion D. Cristobal OIC - SUC President
2018 - 2022 Dr. Regucivilla A. Pobar SUC President III
2016 - 2018 Dr. Dioscoro A. Avergonzado OIC - SUC President
2009 - 2016 Dr. Elpedio T. Magante SUC President III