Official Statement of BISU Administration on the Suspension of Medical Requirements, Pending Review and Further Study

Be it known that Bohol Island State University, being the only state university in the Province of Bohol, has been faithful in providing quality education to its students as evidenced by its humble accomplishments.

Under Article XIV, Section 5 (2) of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the University is endowed with a constitutional right to academic freedom which in effect includes setting of its admission requirements.

One of the requirements set by the University is the submission of Medical Laboratory Tests. These medical requirements are Course Specific, and have been in place as part of the registered ISO required documents.

Freshmen students have complied with these requirements since 2018. Subsequently, some medical concerns have been detected and were appropriately addressed.

However, during the pandemic, submission of the said documents was temporarily suspended. Students submitted a waiver promising to comply as soon as the pandemic threat and mobility restrictions are lifted.

In view thereof, the University, in ensuring fairness to all, issued the resumption of the submission of the said requirements.

Although its sole intent is for the benefit of the students, by ensuring that they are aware of their health status and preparing their fitness to their chosen fields, we do not discount the financial burden of the parents and benefactors, thus we are encouraging students to have their medical checkups be done in government or public hospitals and have their medical certificates be signed by the government doctors. Unfortunately, we just learned that a significant number of them are not availing the services of our public hospitals or clinics. We heard these concerns during the series of Consultative Assemblies which were recently conducted in the different BISU Campuses.

For this, MOMENTARY SUSPENSION of the submission of these medical requirements, pending review and further study is hereby declared. This is to ensure that the welfare of students and all stakeholders is upheld.

We thank you for your continued support to Bohol Island State University!

University President

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